CRESS is heavily involved in training the next generation of researchers in epidemiology and statistics.

Around 80 doctoral students are trained at CRESS. They benefit from a solid training programme (speed-meeting, annual doctoral students’ seminar, training courses organised by CRESS).

They all publish their thesis work as first authors in recognised scientific journals, including high-impact journals such as BMJ, Plos Medicine, JAMA Int Med, etc. They win prestigious awards such as the Chancellerie des Universités prize, the L’Oréal Women for Science Young Talent Award, the Young Scientist Award and the David Sackett Young Investigator Award.

Doctoral schools

The CRESS is affiliated with two doctoral schools. All the details relating to the application, registration and thesis defense are available on the schools’ websites.

  • Public Health: Epidemiology and Biomedical Information Sciences ED393 (Université Paris Cité)
  • Science, Technology, Health – Galilée ED146 (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord)


You will find below all the theses in progress as well as all the theses successfully defended by former CRESS doctoral students.

PhD offers

Click to see our doctoral proposals open to applications.

Current dietary transitions: assessment, characterization and sustainability impacts

Joséphine Brunin

Promotion : 2020

Supervisor.s : Emmanuelle Kesse-Guyot

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Placental insertion anomalies and severe maternal morbidity

Anne Pinton 

Promotion : 2020

Supervisor.s : Gilles Kayem, Catherine Deneux

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Epidemiology of marginal zone lymphoma: evaluation and validation of potential surrogate markers

Côme Bommier

Promotion : 2020

Supervisor.s : Jérôme Lambert, Catherine Thiéblemont

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Exposure to vehicular air pollution and morbidity at age 15 in the PARIS birth cohort

Antoine Citerne

Promotion : 2020

Supervisor.s : Isabelle Mommas, Fanny Rancière

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Severe maternal morbidity in migrant women in countries with high health standards.

Maxime Eslier

Promotion : 2020

Supervisor.s : Elie Azria, Catherine Deneux-Tharaux

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Influence of agricultural activities on the risk of childhood embryonic tumors

Danielle Awounou

Promotion : 2020

Supervisor.s : Stéphanie Goujon

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Evaluation of interventional research in obesity surgery: a meta-research approach


Promotion : 2019 - 2023

Supervisor.s : Sébastien CZERNICHOW

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Diagnostic markers and predictive factors for postpartum haemorrhage

Hugo Madar

Promotion : 2019

Supervisor.s : Catherine Deneux-Tharaux, Loic Sentilhes

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Contribution of observational studies to network Meta-Analysis: the example of anaesthesiology

Cherifa Cheurfa

Promotion : 2018

Supervisor.s : Isabelle Boutron, Anna Chaimani

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Evaluation of the impact of pre-hospital management of patients in cardiac arrest

Laurianne Michelland

Promotion : 2017

Supervisor.s : Sylvie Chevret

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Impact of Apolipoprotein E genotype on normal and pathological cognitive ageing

Mélina Regy

Supervisor.s : Julien Dumurgier, Pr. Bernard Hanseeuw

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Development and Validation of Clinical Decision Support Tools for Early Treatment of Patients with Sepsis

Alexandre Kalimouttou

Supervisor.s : Matthieu Resche Rigon, Romain Pirrachio

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