PhD student: Florine BERTHY

Title: Cultural adaptation of the EAT-Lancet diet to the French context and nutritional and environmental environmental assessment.

Supervisors: Emmanuelle KESSE-GUYOT

Doctoral school: Galilée Doctoral school

Promotion: 2021-2024

Funding: Doctoral grant

Thesis abstract:

It is now established that eating habits contribute to the development of chronic diseases, while causing serious damage to the environment. In this context, the EAT-Lancet commission proposed in 2019 a planetary, healthy and universal diet that can be used as a reference in the study of alternative diets. This relatively recent diet tends to become the reference, however it is also questioned because it has been studied very little. The objective of this project is to conduct a multi-criteria evaluation of the validity of this regime in the French context. This work will consist in identifying the points of vigilance concerning the coverage in nutrients, estimating the exposure to pesticide residues of such a diet very rich in plants food, studying the relations between this diet and the incidence of various chronic diseases, describing the cost of this diet, as well as carrying out an optimization of this one under constraint of cost, exposure to pesticides and environmental impact while satisfying the recommendations EAT-Lancet. The results obtained will allow an evaluation of the co-benefits of diets for humans and for the planet and will serve as support for future nutritional recommendations.


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