CRESS is heavily involved in training the next generation of researchers in epidemiology and statistics.

Around 80 doctoral students are trained at CRESS. They benefit from a solid training programme (speed-meeting, annual doctoral students’ seminar, training courses organised by CRESS).

They all publish their thesis work as first authors in recognised scientific journals, including high-impact journals such as BMJ, Plos Medicine, JAMA Int Med, etc. They win prestigious awards such as the Chancellerie des Universités prize, the L’Oréal Women for Science Young Talent Award, the Young Scientist Award and the David Sackett Young Investigator Award.

Doctoral schools

The CRESS is affiliated with two doctoral schools. All the details relating to the application, registration and thesis defense are available on the schools’ websites.

  • Public Health: Epidemiology and Biomedical Information Sciences ED393 (Université Paris Cité)
  • Science, Technology, Health – Galilée ED146 (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord)


You will find below all the theses in progress as well as all the theses successfully defended by former CRESS doctoral students.

PhD offers

Click to see our doctoral proposals open to applications.

Aircraft fume events: consequences on cabin air quality and aircrew health from a French air fleet

Marine Laporte

Supervisor.s : Dr Lynda Bensefa-Cola, Dr Jean-Ulrich Mullot

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Diet and respiratory/allergic morbidity: follow-up of the PARIS cohort from birth to adolescence

Maëlys Pernin-Schneider

Supervisor.s : Pr Isabelle Momas, Dr Fanny Rancière

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Importance of circadian rhythm for cognitive ageing

Sam Vidil

Supervisor.s : Séverine Sabia

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Enrichment Bayesian designs for multiple classifier biomarkers

Valentin Vinnat

Supervisor.s : Sylvie Chevret

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