PhD student: Marine Laporte

Title: Aircraft fume events: consequences on cabin air quality and aircrew health from a French air fleet

Supervisors: Dr Lynda Bensefa-Cola, Dr Jean-Ulrich Mullot

Doctoral school: DS 393 Pierre Louis of Public Health in Paris: Epidemiology and Biomedical Information Sciences

Promotion: 2022

Funding: ANRT-Cifre

Thesis abstract: The subject of the thesis focuses on examination of aircrafts cabins air under conditions of both fume events and non-fume events. It also delves into the immediate and delayed repercussions of these events on the health of aviation crew members. The expological facet of this study is directed at the detection and quantification of organophosphorus compounds originating from engine oils. The epidemiological segment is geared towards the identification of potential neurological consequences.


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