PhD student: Junko Kose

Title: Mental multi-morbidity in relation to nutrition:

Cross-sectional and longitudinal research in the French epidemiological cohort NutriNet-Santé

Supervisor(s): Valentina A. Andreeva

Doctoral school: Galilée

Promotion: 2020- 2023

Funding: Sorbonne Paris Nord university

Thesis abstract:

While the disease burden of mental disorders and mental multi-morbidity continues to rise, mental health remains insufficiently addressed by public health efforts. The aim of this doctoral work was to investigate the link between nutrition and multi-morbidity involving anxiety, addictive disorders, depressive symptoms, eating disorders, chronic insomnia and cognitive difficulties.

Dietary intakes estimated using 24-hour dietary records were studied in relation to mental health status measured by validated questionnaires in the NutriNet-Santé cohort. As part of this doctoral work, addictive disorders and disability were measured in the cohort.

Studies have shown age- and gender-specific associations between anxiety and macronutrient intakes, positive associations between complex carbohydrate intakes and the onset and persistence of anxiety, and between the consumption of ultra-processed foods and eating disorders. The difference in macronutrient intakes in those with single and comorbid anxiety and eating disorders varied according to the type of eating disorder. Socio-demographic, lifestyle and health status factors associated with multi-morbidity between addictive disorders were identified. Finally, a general and a gender-specific indexes of mental multi-morbidity were developed.

The work carried out as part of the thesis and future studies will help to better guide primary and secondary prevention programs for mental health disorders.


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