Our teams: METHODS

The METHODS team is committed to research training through research. We run a Master of Public Health, a programme of excellence, in a variety of fields and welcome many students to our team.

Effectiveness Research

This international Master's programme of excellence at the Graduate School of Public Health aims to train the next generation of experts in Comparative Effectiveness Research and Clinical Epidemiology. It is based on an ambitious programme taught entirely in English, with the Master 2 course featuring the participation of world-renowned European professors (Queen's University of Belfast, University of Oxford, Amsterdam, Ghent, York, Université Paris Cité, etc.).

Comparative Effectiveness Research uses innovative and complex methods to determine which treatment is most effective, for whom and under what conditions.

University Diploma

University diploma in Systematic Reviews and Meta analysis in Health « DU Revues Systématiques et Méta-Analyses en Santé »

Programme directors: I. Boutron, P. Ravaud

This short programme aims to train actors in the health system to carry out and critically read systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

At the end of this training, participants will be able to understand the importance of systematic reviews for clinical practice and decision-making in health, understand the fundamental principles underlying the methodology of systematic reviews and meta-analyses, read and critically appraise systematic reviews and meta-analyses, and plan, conduct, analyse and report the results of a systematic review.

Entirely taught online in collaboration with the Cochrane France centre, this university diploma is open to an international French-speaking public.

DU Advanced Methods in Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses

Programme directors: I. Boutron, P. Ravaud

This short programme is an opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of systematic reviews and meta-analysis in just three weeks. These modules are taught in English in-person by internationally renowned European professors involved in Cochrane (University of Oxford, University of Amsterdam, University of Ioannina, Université Paris Cité).

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