MSc. in Public Health – Comparative Effectiveness Research

Master of Science in Public Health in Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER), Université Paris Cité (France)

What is Comparative Effectiveness Research? Clinical research has generated tremendous knowledge on diagnosis and treatment. However, it does not provide sufficient information to determine for example what treatment works best, for whom, and under which conditions. Comparative Effectiveness Research addresses these issues by identifying the most effective interventions for specific patient groups. It is a growing area of cutting-edge research that is elevated to the level of national initiative in the USA.

Master 1 – First year Master’s

Directors of the CER courses (M1): I. Boutron and V-T. Tran

The first year of the M1 aims to enable the student to acquire the methodological bases essential to any activity in public health, to master the concepts and methods in order to be able to apply them to any field of public health.

This Master 1 is taught entirely in French.

Depending on your situation, it may be possible to apply directly for the Master 2.

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Master 2 – Second-year Master’s

Directors: I. Boutron, P. Ravaud

This international master of excellence aims to train the future generation of experts in the field of Comparative Effectiveness Research and clinical epidemiology. It is based on an ambitious program, taught entirely in English by world-renowned European professors (Queen’s University of Belfast, University of Oxford, Amsterdam, Ghent, York, Paris Cité University, etc.).

Through theoretical and applied sessions (drafting of protocols, data analysis, etc.), students will be trained in experimental plans and innovative methods of therapeutic evaluation (platform trials, cluster trials, etc.), inference causal analysis, observational study planning and analysis, personalized medicine, big data and routinely collected data, diagnostic evaluation, meta-analysis and network meta-analysis.

This Master 2 is taught entirely in English.

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