Our teams: METHODS

Our team has created and runs several cohorts and platforms, including:

  • The ComPaRe cohort: an e-cohort of more than 50,000 patients suffering from chronic diseases, a collaborative research platform allowing public research teams to use the data collected or request the collection of new data to respond to research questions on chronic diseases and finally, a community of patients who are involved in the design, implementation and analysis of research projects.
  • The COVID-NMA platform, a platform which provided living mapping and evidence synthesis from clinical studies evaluating COVID-19 treatments, preventative interventions, and vaccines.
  • The Process platform (Platform for Research Online and CitizEn Science Surveys), a technological platform to facilitate the design and implementation of studies using participatory science methods. It allows researchers to create large online studies using democratic classification of free text, analysis of free text using participatory production (“crowdsourcing”) and automatic language processing (“natural language processing”), clinical vignettes, classification using Q-sort methods, etc.
  • The TRUST (TRansform and Upgrade Science Trustfulness) platform aims to develop and provide access to tools aimed at transforming the planning, implementation and dissemination of clinical and epidemiological research results. In particular, we provide the COBWEB tool (a CONSORT-based writing aid tool) and the COBPeer tool (a CONSORT-based Peer-review tool), which aim to help authors write articles in line with international recommendations in the CONSORT Statement required by publishers. The use of these tools makes it possible to improve the quality and transparency of publications.
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