Our teams: METHODS

As a member of the CRESS Methods team, I fulfill multiple responsibilities. I assist researchers in their e-epidemiology studies by offering technical and graphical solutions, such as the development of web platforms and creation of data visualizations. One notable achievement in this capacity is my development of the Covid-NMA web platform, a public website and platform designed to facilitate the extraction and management of Covid-19 clinical research data. In addition to these technical duties, I am also responsible for managing communication efforts for ComPaRe and Cochrane France.

Key publications

  • Tran VT, Diard É, Ravaud P. Priorities to improve the care for chronic conditions and multimorbidity: a survey of patients and stakeholders nested within the ComPaRe e-cohort. BMJ Qual Saf. 2021.
  • Gouesbet S, Kvaskoff M, Riveros C, Diard É, Pane I, Goussé-Breton Z, Valenti M, Gabillet M, Garoche C, Ravaud P, Tran VT. Patients’ Perspectives on How to Improve Endometriosis Care: A Large Qualitative Study Within the ComPaRe-Endometriosis e-Cohort. J Womens Health (Larchmt). 2023.
  • Boutron I, Chaimani A, Meerpohl JJ, Hróbjartsson A, Devane D, Rada G, Tovey D, Grasselli G, Ravaud P; COVID-NMA Consortium. The COVID-NMA Project: Building an Evidence Ecosystem for the COVID-19 Pandemic. Ann Intern Med. 2020.


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