International Scientific Advisory Board

The ISAB makes suggestions on the global strategy and structuring of the Centre, initiatives to improve its international visibility, key strategic decisions, etc. Our ISAB is composed of highly recognized researchers with a senior position in their field:

  • Prof Elio Riboli, Imperial College-School of Public Health (London, UK)

  • Prof Josep Anto, Center for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (Barcelona, Spain)

  • Prof Kenneth Ong, MRC Epidemiology Unit (Cambridge, UK)

  • Prof Michael Kramer, Research Institute at McGill University Health Centre (Montreal, Canada)

  • Prof Martin Schumacher, Institut fur Medizinische Biometrie und Statistik, Universitatsklinikum (Freiburg, Suisse)

  • Prof Patrick Bossuyt, Academic Medical Center (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

  • Dr Loreto Carmona, Instituto de Salud Musculoesquelética (Madrid, Spain)

Management Committee

Composed of the director and the Secretary-General. Regular meetings on a weekly basis and short informal meetings on a daily basis, as required.

Steering Committee

The steering committee includes the Centre’s director, Secretary-General, all team leaders and one or two senior researchers per team. The Steering Committee meets twice a month (one face-to-face meeting and one conference call). The Steering Committee ensures compliance with the general rules governing the operation of the Centre and carries out an arbitration on the scientific orientations of the Centre, requests for posts and endowments to research institutions, and the arrival and departure of teams.

Executive Committee

Composed of members of the Steering Committee, one or two researchers per team, and staff elected representatives of engineers and technicians. The Executive Committee discusses the scientific and general organization of the Centre and makes decisions that are submitted to the Steering Committee for validation.

Centre Council

Composed of the Steering Committee and staff elected representatives of engineers, technicians, senior and junior researchers, permanent and non-permanent staff and students (PhD and Masters students and post-docs).  The Council is informed and consulted on issues and decisions concerning the human, financial, equipment and real estate resources of the Centre.

General meeting of staff

The general meeting of staff includes all staff of the Centre. It is organized by the Director and the Secretary-General once a year.

Teams’ Steering Committees

Each team organizes meetings with its members; this committee is consulted on the definition of the objectives of the team and their modalities of implementation.