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I trained as a biostatistician and joined the team in 2006, acquiring a permanent position in 2014. My expertise is in the analyses of longitudinal data, with an experience in use of mixed models, multi-state models, and analyses that take missing data and attrition into account.

My role in the team comprises of providing input into the methodological aspects of research undertaken in the team, and guiding the statistical analyses plan of Masters and PhD students. I also manage the setting up of the new CIRCAME cohort (PI Séverine Sabia) on 1500 patients seen in memory centres of Paris based hospitals to study the role of circadian rhythm on dementia.

Research interests

  • Longitudinal analyses
  • Mixed models
  • Multi-state models
  • Inverse probability weighting
  • Project Management

Key publications

  • Raggi M, Dugravot A, Valeri L, Machado-Fragua MD, Dumurgier J, Kivimaki M, Sabia S, Singh-Manoux A. Contribution of smoking towards the association between socioeconomic position and dementia: 32-year follow-up of the Whitehall II prospective cohort study. Lancet Reg Health Eur. 2022 Sep 28;23:100516. doi: 10.1016/j.lanepe.2022.100516.
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  • Kumaradev S, Roux C, Sellam J, Perrot S, Pham T, Dugravot A, Molto A.
    Socio-demographic determinants in the evolution of pain in inflammatory rheumatic diseases: results from ESPOIR and DESIR cohorts. Rheumatology (Oxford).
    2022 Apr 11;61(4):1496-1509.

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  • Dugravot A, Fayosse A, Dumurgier J, Bouillon K, Ben Rayana T, Schnitzler A, Kivimaki M, Sabia S, Singh-Manoux A. Social inequalities in multimorbidity, frailty, disability, and transitions to mortality: a 24-year follow-up of the Whitehall II cohort study. Lancet Public Health. 2020;5(1):E42-E50.
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