History of the Center

The Centre was established in 2014 with 5 teams and has grown thereafter, with 2 additional teams joining the Centre in 2015 and  2 teams in 2019.
The centre includes teams from several universities within the Université de Paris.

The centre has a unique position in France due to a critical mass of researchers, the excellent quality of its teams and international partnerships, the size and quality of cohorts managed by the teams in the Centre and its involvement in training through research.

The Centre is the only public health research centre to have an International Associated Laboratory (Laboratoire international associé [LIA]) status with a North American University (Columbia University, NYC).

The Headquarters of the CRESS are located in the Hôtel-Dieu hospital, Paris.

Fronton de l'Hôtel-Dieu

Scientific domains covered

  • Perinatal and child diseases

  • Nutrition-related diseases, obesity

  • Musculoskeletal diseases

  • Cancer and haematologic malignancies

  • Intensive care

  • Environmental Diseases

  • Multi-morbidity

  • Ageing

  • Therapeutic evaluation

  • Research on research

Methododological areas

Optimization of traditional methods, development of innovative approaches, adaptation of new methods to the health field:

  • Complex exposure classification methods

  • Original trial designs for precision medicine

  • Methods for identifying temporal and spatial trends

  • Prediction methods (ie, superlearner prediction)

  • Methods of addressing missing data

  • Artificial intelligence (ie, neural networks)

  • Data science (ie, gradient boosting)

  • Cryptography (ie, blockchain)

  • Complex systems (ie, agent based modelling)

  • Complex systems (ie, agent based modelling)

  • Collective intelligence (ie, crowdsourcing)

Contact Information

Philippe Ravaud
  • Philippe Ravaud

  • Director of the CRESS

Stéphanie Chardon
  • Stéphanie Chardon
    Administrative Officer


  • stephanie.chardon-ext@aphp.fr