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I first undertook a 6-month MSc internship with the EpiAgeing-CRESS team on the effect of allele e4 on brain gray matter volumes. This led to the PhD I am currently working on the role of APOE genotype in normal and pathological cognitive The PhD is co-supervised by teams in Paris and Brussels.

Research interests

  • Apolipoprotéine E
  • Maladie d'Alzheimer et démence apparentée
  • Classification ATN
  • Biomarqueurs du LCR
  • IRM cérébrale
  • PET amyloïde

Key publications

  • Régy M, Dugravot A, Sabia S, Fayosse A, Mangin JF, Chupin M, Fischer C, Bouteloup V, Dufouil C, Chêne G, Paquet C, Hanseeuw B, Singh-Manoux A, Dumurgier J; MEMENTO cohort Study Group. Association of APOE ε4 with cerebral gray matter volumes in non-demented older adults: The MEMENTO cohort study. Neuroimage. 2022; 250:118966.
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  • Régy M, Dugravot A, Sabia S, Bouaziz-Amar E, Paquet C, Hanseeuw B, Singh-Manoux A, Dumurgier J. Association between ATN profiles and mortality in a clinical cohort of patients with cognitive disorders.
    Alzheimers Res Ther. 2023; 15(1):77.

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Impact of Apolipoprotein E genotype on normal and pathological cognitive ageing

Mélina Regy

Promotion : 2020 - 2023

Supervisor.s : Julien Dumurgier, Pr. Bernard Hanseeuw

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