7th report of the National confidential enquiries on maternal mortality (ENCMM) 2016-2018

The 7th report of the National confidential enquiries on maternal mortality (ENCMM) concerning the period 2016-2018 was made public this Wednesday, April 3, 2024 by the EPOPé team from CRESS and Santé Publique France (links at the end of the article). For this occasion, a scientific day to present the results took place on the same day at the Ministry of Health, and brought together nearly 300 participants.

The main results of this report are:

  • Between 2016 and 2018, 272 maternal deaths were recorded in France, i.e. one maternal death every 4 days and a maternal mortality ratio considered up to one year from the end of the pregnancy of 11.8 deaths per 100,000 live births, with no decrease compared to previous periods.
  • Suicide becomes the leading cause of maternal mortality considered up to one year after the end of pregnancy, and cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of maternal mortality considered up to forty-two days. This profile reminds us that the health of pregnant women goes beyond the strictly obstetrical sphere.
  • There are socio-demographic inequalities in maternal mortality:
    • the risk of maternal mortality increases markedly with the age of women from the age of 35;
    • the mortality of migrant women is twice as high as that of women born in France;
    • socially vulnerable women are 1.5 times more represented among deceased women.
  • Territorially, the DROM are distinguished by a level of mortality equivalent to twice that of France.
  • Analysis of the journey of deceased women shows that improvement is possible, because more than half of maternal deaths are considered probably or possibly avoidable and in two thirds of cases, the care provided was not optimal. The preventability factors identified emphasize the importance of prevention, screening, and coordinated and multidisciplinary care from the preconception period to the months after delivery, in all areas of health. of the woman.
  • The qualitative analysis of maternal deaths allowed the committee of experts to identify 30 key messages targeting the elements of care and its organization to be improved, in particular for better consideration of mental and cardiovascular health in the support for pregnant women and those who have given birth.

The National confidential enquiries on maternal mortality (ENCMM) is coordinated by the Epopé CRESS team, in particular by:

  • Catherine Deneux-Tharaux, Doctor, Research Professor Inserm, Scientific Director, ENCMM
  • Monica Saucedo, Doctor, Epidemiologist, IR Inserm
  • Aude Almeras, midwife, National Coordinator, ENCMM

Links to documents (in French):

By Monica Saucedo and Catherine Deneux

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