2nd session “Scientific emulation, discussion of maturing projects”

Friday April 26 saw the second session of the “Emulation scientifique, discussion de projets en maturation” program.

The aim of these sessions is to discuss projects in the process of maturing – whether it’s just an idea or a more elaborate project – to help build projects, encourage the selection of projects in calls for tenders and encourage possible intra-CRESS collaborations.

5 project leaders, from 3 different CRESS teams, developed their projects during this first session:

  • Valentina Andreeva and Léopold Fezeu: the role of polyphenols in sleep
  • Céline Beji: Causal inference for the prescription of personalized cancer treatments
  • Julia Baudry: Multisource exposure to endocrine disrupting pesticides
  • Blandine de Lauzon-Guillain: Vegetalized diets in the perinatal period

Discussants also represented various CRESS teams. Discussions focused on project objectives, outlines and possible collaborations with other teams.

A new session will be held in September. Project leaders interested in taking part in these exchanges can now contact if they wish to present a project.


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