PhD student: Mihyeon Kim

Title: Sleep characteristics and their interrelations in the SEPAGES birth-cohort families

Supervisor: Dr Sabine Plancoulaine

Doctoral school: ED 393 Epidemiology and Biomedical Information Sciences, Université Paris Cité

Promotion: 2021

Funding: Université Paris Cité

Thesis abstract:

The arrival of a child in a family disrupts lifestyle habits, particularly parental sleep. Studies on the sleep of new parents have focused mainly on the mother’s sleep, and on the first months of life, showing a decrease in sleep quality and quantity in postpartum mothers. Some studies, all Anglo-Saxon, suggest the existence of interrelations between parents’ sleep and between parents’ and children’s sleep in children under 1 year of age. No studies on this subject have been carried out in France.

This project, entitled ” Sleep characteristics and their interrelations in the SEPAGES birth-cohort families “, has three objectives. Firstly, to identify multi-trajectories of parental sleep characteristics between 3-and 36-months post-partum, their interrelationships within couples and the early associated factors. Secondly, to identify the children’s sleep multi-trajectories between 3- and 60-months post-partum and to study their associations with those of their parents. Finally, children’s sleep was recorded by accelerometers for a subgroup. We will compare the characteristics of children’s sleep obtained by questionnaires and by accelerometers.

This project will highlight the evolution of sleep characteristics and their interrelationships within families after the arrival of a newborn. It will identify possible levers of intervention to improve sleep for parents and their children in the first three years of life.


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