PhD student: Mauricia Davidson

Title: Integration of various types of information in living systematic reviews

Supervisors: Isabelle Boutron, Anna Chaimani

Doctoral school: ED 393 Epidemiology and Biomedical Information Sciences, Université Paris Cité

Thesis topic:

Systematic reviews primarily synthesize data from published randomized controlled trials. However, information can be obtained from other data sources (preprints, regulatory data, data posted on trial registries). In addition, systematic reviews can take into account other types of study, such as observational studies, which can be particularly useful when trial data are not available.

The role and integration of these different sources and types of evidence in evidence synthesis raises important challenges.

In this thesis, we will assess:

  • the impact of integrating preprints into living systematic reviews
  • the role of post-publication peer review
  • the role of observational studies at an early stage of evidence synthesis, before access to randomized trial data.

We will use data from the COVID-NMA initiative, a living systematic review.


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