PhD student: Shuai Yang

Title: Influence of screen use on the cognitive and academic outcomes in children from the EDEN and Elfe cohorts

Supervisor: Jonathan Bernard

Doctoral school: ED393

Promotion: 2021

Funding: Université Paris Cité

Thesis abstract: The PhD thesis aims to improve the understanding of the relationships between the use of screens and cognitive and academic outcomes in children of preschool (0-5 years) and school age. (6-11 years old). A crucial issue will be to take into account other screen-free activities. This topic poses several specific questions that the thesis will seek to answer. Is the use of screens associated with the child’s cognitive development and academic learning? What is the form of these relationships? Do they differ depending on the type of screen (television, video games, computer, mobile phone, tablet)? Are they robust when analyzed longitudinally (risk of reverse causality) and after adjustment for numerous sociodemographic and sociocultural indicators linked to the family environment (risk of confusion)? Could these same indicators act as effect modifiers? Finally, do the associations vary according to the age of the child (delay of appearance, amplification, etc.)? This thesis project will be based on data from two French birth cohorts, EDEN and Elfe.


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