PhD student: Aline Abouassi

Title: Biological markers of early exposure to fatty acids and relationship with child health and development in the EDEN and Elfe cohorts

Supervisors: Barbara Heude & Jonathan Bernard

Doctoral school: ED393

Promotion: 2022

Funding: Inserm

Thesis abstract: The objective of the PhD thesis is to examine the relationships between PUFA status during the pre- and postnatal period, determined from biological data, and the health of the child, using an approach taking into account genetic polymorphisms involved in the biosynthesis of PUFA. This work will help establish new nutritional recommendations targeting young women of childbearing age, as well as mothers during pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers. Three parts will be developed using the data from the EDEN and Elfe cohorts: 1) The metabolism of PUFAs and the role of SNPs in the perinatal period (maternal, cord blood and colostrum) in the EDEN cohort; 2) The perinatal exposure to PUFA (maternal, cord blood and colostrum) in relation to the growth and cardiometabolic health of the child at 5 years of age; 3) The associations between prenatal exposures (maternal and cord blood) and child neurodevelopment at 3 and 5 years.


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