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Currently, I am a PhD candidate in epidemiology at Université Paris Cité. My PhD thesis aims to assess the associations of screen use with cognitive development and academic performance in children in France and Singapore. I studied mathematics during my undergraduate and completed one Master in statistics and one in public health. I am familiar with various statistical and mathematical models in relation to epidemiology and was equipped with excellent data analysis skills using R, SAS, STATA, and SPSS.

Research interests

  • Screen use in children
  • Longitudinal modelling in epidemiology

Key publications

  • Bernard JY, Poncet L, Saïd M, Yang S, Dufourg MN, Gassama M, et al. Temps d’écran de 2 à 5 ans et demi chez les enfants de la cohorte nationale Elfe. Bull Épidémiol Hebd. 2023;(6):98-105. http://beh.santepubliquefrance.fr/beh/2023/6/2023_6_1.htm
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