Sustainable research group kick-off

Among the points raised, we wish to create a questionnaire in order to establish an inventory of the level of knowledge and commitment within CRESS members.

We will also develop a definition of what we mean by sustainable research and the objectives of our steering committee. We have decided that an important first step will be to carry out a BGES (at least concerning the “missions” and “home/work” positions) using the 1point tool.

In this context, it seems important to us that time is allocated to this task within each team and that a reference person can devote part of their working time to it (this could be an internship).


  • Julia Baudry – host,
  • Emmanuelle Kesse-Guyot,
  • Yann Nguyen,
  • Elise Diard,
  • Elodie Perrodeau,
  • Uriel Makela
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