Welcome to our Scientific Speed Meeting designed for new PhD students.

Here’s how it works:

Format: New PhD students will have the opportunity to present their thesis projects to several researchers from different teams within the Research Center during an engaging session.


  1. Express Presentations: New PhD students will have 5 minutes to present their thesis projects at a table. At each table, two researchers from different teams will attentively listen to the presentation.
  2. Questions and Advice: After the presentation, researchers will ask questions to better understand the project and offer constructive advice. This allows students to benefit from the expertise of experienced researchers.
  3. Rotation: After each presentation, students will move to a new table with different researchers, providing them with various perspectives and diverse advice.
  4. Friendly Lunch: At the end of the Speed Meeting, a friendly lunch will be organized, providing an opportunity for students and researchers to continue discussions and interactions.


  • Allow new PhD students to present their thesis projects to an audience of experienced researchers.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to receive valuable advice and recommendations to enhance their projects.
  • Encourage interaction and collaboration between students and researchers.

This Scientific Speed Meeting aims to strengthen the training and networking of new PhD students while fostering interactions with researchers from diverse fields. Join us for a day filled with exchanges and learning!

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