InfaDiet is a collaborative project, which aims at studying the influence of infant feeding (milk components & complementary feeding practices) on the child’s health (growth, infections and allergic symptoms) and neurodevelopment. Our main hypothesis is that the beneficial influence of breastfeeding on the child’s health and development is explained by nutritional components of breast milk but also by association of breastfeeding practices with specific complementary feeding practices, such as the more frequent use of fruit and vegetable. The recent evolution of formula milk composition (enrichment with long chain PUFA or with pre/probiotics) offers the opportunity to examine potential nutritional hypothesis, independently of breastfeeding-related practices. Furthermore, we propose to explore breast milk composition, with large-scale non-targeted methods, already developed, to highlight specific components related to the child’s health and neurodevelopment. In this project, child health will be defined by height and weight growth, occurrence of infections and incidence of allergy-related diseases.

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The project is based on two French birth cohorts: EDEN and ELFE. The 1st work package will be devoted to the influence of essential nutrients (lipids and proteins) in breast and formula milk. The 2nd work package will be devoted to other components, recently added into formula milk such as pre- and probiotics or only present in breast milk such as complex HMO, immune or inflammatory factors. Breast milk analyses are based on large-scale non-targeted (“omic”) methods. In the 3rd work package, we will extend our approach to other aspects of infant feeding, such as timing and type of foods used during the complementary feeding period (including organic foods).


The present study funded by an ANR grant (ANR-19-CE36-0008).


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