Participation in the 7th general assembly of the LongITools european project

The seventh and second-to-last General Assembly of the European LongITools project was held from February 5th to 8th in Oslo, Norway. Three members of the EAROH team involved in the project were in attendance to discuss scientific advances and the next steps to come.

Coordinated by the University of Oulu (Finland), the LongITools project began in 2020, for a duration of 5 years, and was funded by Horizon 2020, the European Union’s research and innovation program. It focuses on the role of environmental exposures throughout life, also known as the exposome, on the cardio-metabolic health trajectories of populations. It is part of the European Human Exposome Network, the world’s largest network of projects studying the impact of environmental exposure on human health.

The citizens included in the French EDEN and ELFE cohorts are among the 11 million of their European peers included in the project. They are used to study the role of the exposome on health from the beginning of pregnancy for EDEN, and from birth for ELFE, into and through childhood.

Wen Lun Yuan, a post-doctoral fellow in the team, presented her work on the links between the prenatal urban environment and cardiometabolic health at different stages of life, from childhood to adulthood. In addition to the EDEN data, she analysed data from the ALSPAC (UK) and Generation R (Netherlands) cohorts. The results of her analyses on associations between prenatal urban environment and cord blood metabolomics in the EDEN cohort were also presented, along with those from the Generation R cohort.

Barbara Heude – Wen Lun Yuan – Chloé Vainqueur


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