Publication of the 2023 annual report

We are pleased to announce the publication of our annual activity report. This 56-page document gives you an overview of the Center’s organization, its various committees and the research prizes awarded in 2023. You’ll also find details of the Class of 2023 and the thesis defenses that marked the year. This document also highlights the 9 research teams with their 5 major publications and their highlights of the past year. The final part of the activity report looks back at theses in progress and the 81 PhD students.

Organization and governance

In this issue, you’ll find a presentation of our center’s structure, including the various committees and decision-making bodies that guide our vision and actions.

Awards and Distinctions

We are proud to highlight this year’s research awards. These distinctions testify to the quality of our work and the recognition of our peers in the sector.

Class of 2023 and thesis defenses

The report also looks back at the Class of 2023, highlighting the thesis defenses that marked the year.

Research teams and publications

One of the highlights of our report is the presentation of our 9 research teams. Each team is highlighted with its 5 major publications and the highlights of the year.

Theses in progress and PhD students

Finally, we take a look at our theses in progress, highlighting the work of our 81 PhD students.

To read the full report (french) : click here

Download the PDF file

premiere page rapport cress UMR 1153
RA newsletter rapport activité CRESS 2023
RA newsletter rapport activité CRESS 2023
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