Appointment of 3 teacher-researchers in midwifery and paramedical sectors within CRESS: Anne Chantry, Alexandra Roren and Alice Hocquette

Congratulation to :

  • Anne Chantry, Midwife, appointed University Professor of Midwifery, the 3rd in France.

Anne Chantry, midwife epidemiologist and lecturer at Paris Cité University, has been appointed and tenured as University Professor. She is the third midwife University Professor in France since the creation of the CNU Maïeutique in 2019. Her research focused on severe maternal morbidity, and is now mainly anchored around the better rationalization of care provided to women. during pregnancy, childbirth and its aftermath. Anne Chantry is particularly developing projects around birth centers, normal labor and delivery and the definition of low obstetric risk.

  • Alice Hocquette, Midwife, appointed Lecturer in Midwifery

Alice Hocquette, midwife and epidemiologist, has been appointed Lecturer in Midwifery. Her research work mainly revolves around the screening of growth disorders during pregnancy, and she has more recently developed projects on the assessment of iatrogenic risks during pregnancy to allow less medicalization of the care of women in perinatal period.

  • Alexandra Roren, Physiotherapist, appointed University Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences and Rehabilitation

Alexandra Roren, Physiotherapist, professor of Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Sciences, within the Department of Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Sciences at Paris Cité University. His work focuses on joint kinematics and the evaluation and development of innovative rehabilitation tools and programs, in the field of degenerative pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.

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