Internship offer

Title : Health trajectories before the use of technical devise or human aids in the older population.
Laboratory : Inserm U1153 – Epidemiology of Ageing and neurodegenetative disease.
Team: Equipe EpiAgeing : Epidemiology of Ageing & Neurodegenerative diseases
Adress : Université de Paris, Inserm U1153, 10 avenue de Verdun, 75010 Paris
Team leader : Archana Singh-Manoux
Supervisor : Benjamin Landré

Topic :

The ageing of the population increases the individual and societal challenges of maintaining a good level of health and autonomy among the elderly. The need to use technical or human aids to carry out the basic activities of daily life is a major event in the lives of these people, and a challenge for society. However, little is known about the stages leading up to its onset, or about their timing. Nor is it known to what extent the trajectories of these different stages differ from normal aging.
The aim of this internship is to study the aging trajectories of people who require technical or human aids for basic activities of daily living, by analyzing the trajectories of these people in the years preceding the onset of this major event. Mixed models with a ‘backward’ time scale (time 0 at the occurrence of the event) will be used to model aging trajectories (morbidity, functional difficulties and frailty) based on data from the Gateway to Global Aging harmonized cohorts (HRS, SHARE, CHARLS, …).

Good ability in programming (R software) and knowledge of statistics (mixed models) are expected for this project.

Contact : Benjamin Landré,

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