Internship offer

Title : Association between mortality and frailty among adults with chronic diseases.
Laboratory : Inserm U1153 – Epidemiology of Ageing and neurodegenetative disease.
Team: Equipe EpiAgeing : Epidemiology of Ageing & Neurodegenerative diseases
Adress : Université de Paris, Inserm U1153, 10 avenue de Verdun, 75010 Paris
Team leader : Archana Singh-Manoux
Supervisor : Benjamin Landré

Topic :

Frailty is a concept used to describe vulnerable people at high risk of deteriorating health. However, the understanding of the association between physical frailty, the most commonly used indicator, and mortality in people with chronic diseases remains very incomplete.

Little is known about this association for several common chronic diseases or in the context of multimorbidity. It is also not known whether these associations differ according to disease, which would shed light on possible underlying biological mechanisms of frailty.

The aim of this internship is to investigate associations between frailty and mortality in people with chronic diseases, separately or in multimorbidity, using survival models and inclusion data from the UK Biobank cohort.

Complementary analyses in predefined population subgroups will be carried out, as well as validation in external cohorts (Health and Retirement Study & Whitehall II).

A good ability in programming (R software) and statistics (survival models) are expected for this project.

Contact : Benjamin Landré,

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