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CCOP – Childhood Cancer Observation Platform


Based on the National Registry of Childhood Cancers, a Childhood Cancer Observation Platform (CCOP, Childhood Cancer Observation Platform) has been set up to promote research on pediatric cancers.

It integrates several databases:


  • research on environmental risk factors by geolocation, GEOCAP,
  • the BIOCAP virtual biobank backed by the registers, which should ultimately strengthen translational research in pediatric oncology,
  • collection of treatments administered, toxicities and response to treatments. This information is supplemented by data from the PediaRT radiotherapy database (responsible: Dr V. Bernier Chastagner),
  • systematic follow-up by the COHOPER national cohort, which will make it possible to follow the evolution of the health and quality of life of people who had cancer during childhood.

The CCOP is led by the INSERM team for the Epidemiology of Childhood and Adolescent Cancers (EPICEA). The platform is funded by INCa and is part of the HOPE-EPI project funded under the Future Investments Program (PIA).


The CCOP (HOPE-EPI), like 10 other Investissements d’Avenir cohorts, will benefit from the support of France-Cohortes from 2022, set up by Inserm to pool technical and human resources at the service of the cohorts in the process of being made permanent. It is through it that the CCOP will soon be paired with the National Health Data System (SNDS).


Key numbers

2 000

the year we started following patients up systematically within COHOPER

25 000

the number of patients included in the COHOPER follow-up study

16 000

the number of biological samples recorded for these patients in the BIOCAP database

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