PhD student: Anna Pellat

Title: Transparency and levels of proof of interventional research on pancreatic cancer

Supervisor: Philippe Ravaud

Doctoral school: ED 393 Epidemiology and Biomedical Information Sciences, Université Paris Cité

Thesis topic:

Pancreatic cancer (PCa), represented mainly by pancreatic adenocarcinoma, has seen an alarming increase in incidence over the past 30 years, for which there is little explanation. The main treatments available have improved the prognosis and quality of life for patients, but the prognosis remains catastrophic. Research in oncology has accelerated sharply in recent years, with a significant increase in the number of interventional clinical trials.

Lack of transparency and accessibility to study results are major problems that can have a negative impact on the quality of research. Despite the increase in the number of studies available in pancreatic cancer, the rarity and diagnostic difficulty of this cancer still make it difficult to systematically conduct robust randomized clinical trials.

Observational data from routinely collected data could help to increase the level of evidence for these recommendations. There is still progress to be made to improve research and management of pancreatic cancer, which will become a major public health problem in the coming years.


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