PhD student: Camille Le Gal

Title: Social inequalities in childhood overweight: identifying facilitators for action in the most vulnerable populations

Supervisors: Barbara Heude & Sandrine Lioret

Doctoral school: ED393

Promotion: 2021

Funding: Université Paris Cité

Thesis abstract: This project aims to explore the early determinants of the social gradient in childhood overweight, using longitudinal data from the Elfe birth cohort. It draws on the conceptual frameworks of socio-ecological models, to assess the impact of the parents socio-economic position and migration status on the risk of childhood overweight from 3.5 years. It will also examine the influence of modifiable perinatal risk factors, such as nutrition, physical activity, smoking or maternal stress, on the association between the parents socio-economic position and migration status and the risk of childhood overweight. The aim is to better understand the specific factors of populations in situations of social vulnerability, particularly those from immigration backgrounds, in order to identify levers of action to prevent childhood overweight and reduce the related social health inequalities.


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