Title: Plant-based diet during pregnancy and child health

Supervisor: Blandine de Lauzon-Guillain

Doctoral school: ED 393

Promotion: 2023

Funding: Université Paris Cité

Thesis abstract:

Reducing consumption of animal-based foods is a major environmental, public health and economic challenge. For example, a reduction in the consumption of animal products could halve food-related greenhouse gas emissions. However, it is essential to enhance the knowledge on factors favoring plant-based diet, as well of its impact on health, particularly during the perinatal period.

The 1st part of the thesis will aim to characterize the adherence to plant-based diet during pregnancy, and its change during pregnancy (based on the EDEN study) or over time (comparison of the EDEN and ELFE studies). We will also evaluate the coverage of nutritional needs as a function of the adherence to plant-based diet. The second part of the thesis will focus on the potential impact of plant-based diet on health, targeting growth and neurodevelopment in children.

The thesis will be based on data from the French EDEN and ELFE birth cohorts.


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