PhD student: Tiphaine Lenfant

Title: Investigating Blended Care Models to Rethink the Organization of Healthcare System in the Digital Era

Supervisor: Viet-Thi Tran

Doctoral school: ED 393 Epidemiology and Biomedical Information Sciences, Université Paris Cité

Thesis topic:

In the wake of the pandemic, patients and carers have expressed a desire for a blended care model that allows them to opt for face-to-face or virtual consultation, depending on the situation.
Personalising the modes of communication between patients and their carers, depending on the patient and the situation, would be useful in building Minimally Disruptive Medicine (MDM) for patients, adapted to each individual context.
In order to achieve this, studies are needed to answer a number of unanswered questions: what are the preferences of patients and carers regarding their mode of interaction, depending on the characteristics of patients and medical situations? what are the factors influencing these preferences? what is the match between the preferences of the patient and their specialist?
We are going to study the preference of patients and their carers for a given mode of consultation (physical, by telephone, by videoconference, asynchronous via messages) as a function of the characteristics of the consultation (e.g. renewal consultation, for a given problem), of the patients (e.g. state of illness, symptoms), and of the context (e.g. distance, availability before a physical consultation).
In a second project, we will attempt to quantify the potential contribution of facilitated contact between patients and their doctors using new modes of communication.


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