Doctor: Dan Chaltiel

Title: Development and validation of the adherence score to the 2017 French nutritional recommendations and associations with health

Supervisor: Emmanuelle Kesse-Guyot

Doctoral school: ED 146 Doctoral school Galilée, University Sorbonne Paris Nord

Date of thesis defense: 10/2019

Jury: François Mariotti, Sylvie Despres

Thesis summary:

This thesis presents the development and scientific validation of the PNNS-GS2, the dietary quality score based on the 2017 update of the French recommendations, as well as its association with overweight and obesity, mortality, cardiovascular diseases and cancers, pathologies frequently linked to diet.The analyses are based on data from participants from the NutriNet-Santé cohort, including validated 24-hour dietary records, numerous socio-demographic and anthropometric variables, and clinical-biological indicators.The associations observed between PNNS-GS2 and the socio-demographic, nutritional and clinical-biological factors studied are consistent with the literature and attest to its validity. Its significant association with a reduction in the risk of overweight/obesity, non-accidental mortality, cardiovascular disease and cancer contributes to reinforcing the relevance of the new nutritional recommendations.These results will promote the dissemination and scientific acceptance of these recommendations, and provide an indicator for further study.

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