Title: Association between mindful eating, food consumption, and weight status in the NutiNet-Santé cohort

Supervisor(s): Pr Sandrine Péneau

Doctoral school: Galilée

Promotion: 2022-2025

Funding: « Galilée » doctoral school competition grant

Thesis abstract: Overweight is a major public health problem involved in metabolic diseases development. Its prevalence is significant with approximately one adult out of two being overweight or obese in 2015 in France. Given the decisive role of diet in the development of overweight and associated pathologies, it is essential to improve diet of the French population.

Mindful eating is an eating behavior defined by paying attention to the eating experience with all senses, witnessing emotional and physical responses without judging or reacting to them. This eating behavior would reduce automatic and impulsive reactions, thus promoting self-regulation, and would also be associated with healthier eating, lower weight status, and less negative affect. However, few data are available, particularly in the French context.

The purpose of this thesis work is to assess levels of mindful eating in the NutriNet-Santé cohort, estimated with the recently validated mindful eating questionnaire, and to estimate the association with food consumption, weight status, and eating disorders. This work will provide new scientific evidence to better define the role of mindful eating with respect to food intake and weight status.


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