Context and objectives

This project follows on from the EDEN cohort. To date, the results have improved our knowledge of the early determinants of children’s health and development, and have contributed to the development of public prevention policies, and to public debate on issues such as diet and the environment. The present project aims to capitalize on the existence of the EDEN cohort, building on the data already collected, to carry out a new follow-up of its participants in adolescence, a critical period in development and, more generally, in the life course.

Project organisation

The project will rely on data previously collected in the EDEN cohort, as well as on new data collection. Planned to last one year, it will consist of filling in questionnaires and tests on a web platform (parents) and on a smartphone application (children). The latter will collect information on smartphone use over a one-week period. Information on screen use is the main part of the project, but data on puberty, sexuality and exposure to radio frequencies will also be collected.

Expected results

The iEDEN project will help create new recommendations concerning the use of screens and digital media by adolescents and young adults in France. It will also contribute to the enrichment of epidemiological data concerning the effect of exposure to radiofrequencies.


The iEDEN platform and application have been developed by Avicenna Research, an innovative company recognized for its expertise in deploying software platforms for healthcare research. The data collected in this study is stored in France and complies with current regulations on the protection of personal data (GDPR).


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