This project aims to take a structured and systematic examination of the link between disease, including multimorbidity, and disability in population-based cohort studies. The aims are:

  • to map the link between disease and functioning outcomes, and the manner in which age affects this mapping.
  • to identify disruptors within the system by identifying factors that offset the link between disease and disability, e.g. better controlled chronic diseases, environments favourable to a healthy lifestyle, etc.

This project uses multi-state models with longitudinal data, with a view to identifying how specific sets of risk factors (socioeconomic, behavioural, clinical profile) affect the transitions from a disease state to impaired function, disability and death. The objective is to identify key factors that shape health transitions to inform prevention.

A Singh-Manoux, S Sabia, B Landré, A Schnitzler, L Jacob, A Dugravot, A Fayosse

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