This consortium Childhood Cancer & Leukemia International Consortium ( was created in 2007, initially to bring together studies conducted on the etiology of childhood leukemia. Founded by the teams from Berkeley, Montreal and Perth and by our team, the CLIC now brings together 39 researchers from 19 countries and extends to solid tumors. It is coordinated by Logan Spector, Minneapolis.

The EPICEA team contributes to the CLIC through its ESCALE and ESTELLE studies and through 2 previous studies (ADELE and ELECTRE, 1995-1998) devoted to leukemia.

Metayer C, Milne E, Clavel J, Infante-Rivard C, Petridou E, Taylor M, Schüz J, Spector LG, Dockerty JD, Magnani C, Pombo-de-Oliveira MS, Sinnett D, Murphy M, Roman E, Monge P, Ezzat S, Mueller BA, Scheurer ME, Armstrong BK, Birch J, Kaatsch P, Koifman S, Lightfoot T, Bhatti P, Bondy ML, Rudant J, O’Neill K, Miligi L, Dessypris N, Kang AY, Buffler PA. The childhood leukemia international consortium. Cancer Epidemiol 2013:37(3):336-47.

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