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Date : 2024-07-04

Hour : 9h - 17h

Venue : Campus Condorcet - Centre de colloques, salle 100

Is public : Yes

International symposium: “Quantifying health inequalities: theoretical and methodological issues

International conference organized by the ERC GENDHI project & the Plateforme SHS Santé

Thursday July 4 and Friday July 5, 2024

Campus Condorcet – Centre de colloques, room 100

To register for the colloquium: online form (waiting list for face-to-face sessions, but guaranteed availability for distance learning).

For over two decades, social inequalities in health have remained at a very high level in France. The Covid19 pandemic served as a reminder that the onset of a previously unknown pathology can exacerbate pre-existing social and economic inequalities, or even create new ones.

The aim of this symposium is to consider the different ways in which health inequalities can be measured by statistical surveys, and the theoretical issues that underpin them, whether in terms of socio-economic, geographical, gender or ethno-racial inequalities. The challenge is to make visible the social processes that contribute to these inequalities, inscribed in social structures, being reflected and even amplified in the various stages of the healthcare pathway: exposure to health damage, access to care and care by the healthcare system.

colloque international shs programme

colloque international shs programme
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