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CROSS prospective study: Cohort on the Risks of Severe Osteoporosis


There is very little data in France on the risk factors and outcome (mortality, fracture recurrence and morbidity) of patients with severe fractures.

The lack of recent epidemiological data led to the setting up of a multicentre prospective study of patients hospitalised for severe osteoporotic fractures: the CROSS cohort (Cohorte sur les Risques d’une OStéoporose Sévère), the first French cohort of severe fractures. Professor Briot is the principal investigator of this study.

The primary objective of the study is to assess the incidence of new severe fractures at 2 years in patients hospitalised for a severe fracture.

The secondary objectives are: to study the risk of mortality at 2 and 5 years, the role of refracture on mortality after adjustment for pre-fracture health status, phenotypes of patients hospitalised for severe fracture, etc. 916 subjects aged over 60, hospitalised for severe fracture in 12 French centres were included at the end of inclusions in June 2018. Sociodemographic data, fracture characteristics, fracture and fall risk factors, treatment data, assessment of comorbidities, physical tests, bone densitometry and spinal X-rays were available at inclusion and every year for 5 years. A serotheque and a DNA library are also available.

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