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The objective of GEOCAP-BIRTH, based on the National Childhood Cancer Registry, is to study the influence of environmental exposures on the risk of childhood cancer. This work is based on the home address of the cases at the time of their birth and on their location near sources of exposure or in relation to a cartography of exposure.



GEOCAP-BIRTH is a national case-control study in the general population.

The cases are all children born and diagnosed with cancer from 2010, residing in metropolitan France at the time of their diagnosis.

The controls are randomly selected by INSEE from the civil status database (≈2000/year), in order to be representative of births in metropolitan France.

Inclusions 2010-2015
Leukaemias 980
Lymphomas 62
Central nervous system tumours 623
Sympathetic nervous system tumours 522
Retinoblastomas 216
Renal tumours 249
Liver tumours 62
Bone tumours 17
Soft-tissue sarcomas 180
Germ-cell tumours 108
Total cases 3 020
Controls 12 000


    • Geocoding and exposures assessment

The methodology is the same as that of GEOCAP


Regulatory aspects

CNIL 998198 v8.



Funding National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES)


Principal investigators

Jacqueline Clavel et Stéphanie Goujon



Cécile Chevrier et Bénédicte Jacquemin, IRSET, IRSN

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