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Centre of Research in Epidemiology and Statistics Sorbonne Paris Cité

The general objectives of Research Centre are to:

  • Develop large epidemiological research, mostly regarding multiple chronic diseases including disability and locomotor apparatus diseases as well as prematurity and childhood cancer

  • Identify and characterize health determinants in various populations such as pregnant women, infants and children, elderly people, obese persons, disabled persons

  • Undertake innovative methodological research on the different study phases

  • Develop methodological research on knowledge dissemination and the implementation of research results

  • Contribute to the development of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention

  • Develop synergies between methodology teams and other research teams

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Latest News

4ème congrès de la SF-Dohad

L’équipe ORCHAD du CRESS est fortement impliquée dans la Société Dohad Francophone et dans l’organisation de son prochain congrès: Le 4ème congrès de la SF-Dohad se tiendra à Grenoble les 8 et 9 novembre 2018. Si vous voulez connaître les dernières avancées sur la manière dont le développement précoce façonne [...]

Job Opportunity – Associate Professor

L’Equipe de recherche Épidémiologie environnementale (EA 4064) / future équipe HERA - Equipe 9 - CRESS UMR 1153 recrute un professeur associé pour l'enseignement et la recherche en épidémiologie environnementale. Ce poste sera basé à la Faculté de Pharmacie de Paris.   Enseignement : Le/la maître de conférences participera : - [...]

The long history of kappa

The long history of kappa The ECSTRRA team invites you : Mauro Gasparini (Polytechnique Turin, Italie) Jeudi 25 janvier 2018 à 11h00 Hôpital Saint Louis, 1 avenue Claude Vellefaux, 75010 Paris. Summary : The kappa statistic will turn 60 soon and yet some of [...]

Research Teams
Teams Members



Obstetrical, Perinatal and Pediatric Epidemiology Research Team

Our research focuses on the health
of women during and
after pregnancy,
the health of children as it relates
to pregnancy and birth, and general
pediatrics in France and internationally.

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Epidemiology and Clinical Statistics for Tumor, Respiratory, and Resuscitation Assessments

We  create statistical tools
to best fit the clinical setting,
in order to improve responses to
clinical questioning in terms of diagnosis,
treatment or prognosis,
and going beyond traditional approaches.

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Nutritional Epidemiology Research Team

The objective of the EREN team
is to investigate the relationships
between nutrition and health,
the mechanisms underlying
these relationships and the
determinants of dietary behaviours

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Clinical epidemiology applied to rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases

Our objectives, as described at
the time of our creation, were to identify
new risk factors, consider the role of
co-morbidities in RMDs, develop evaluation
criteria  and assess therapeutic strategies in RMDs.

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Methods of Therapeutic Evaluation of Chronic Diseases

The objectives of the METHODS team
are to rethink the therapeutic
evaluation of chronic diseases,
propose new concepts and
develop new
methodological approaches.

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EArly life Research on later Health

Our ultimate aim is to show that ensuring the conditions of a nurturing and healthy early start in life for all has great potential to reach one major goal of the NSH : prioritizing prevention rather than care of chronic diseases.

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Epidemiology of childhood and adolescent cancers

The EPICEA team develops
most of its research
on environmental and genetic
risk factors for
childhood cancers.



Epidemiology of Ageing & Neurodegenerative diseases (from 2019)

Our overarching aim, using
a lifecourse approach, is to identify
the drivers of health at older ages.
Key areas of research are: cognitive decline,
multimorbidity, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

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Health Environmental Risk Assessment (from 2019)

The team works in environmental health to assess the impact of environmental exposures, especially air pollution, combining epidemiology applied to general and occupational populations, toxicology and exposure science.

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