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Epipage 2 (epidemiological study on small gestational ages) is a nationwide study to improve our knowledge of the outcome of preterm children in France.
This study was launched on March 28, 2011, by researchers of Inserm Unit 1153 (Obstetrical, Perinatal and Pediatric Epidemiolgoy Research Team), in collaboration with Perinatal epidemiology and childhood disabilities, Adolescent health research team, part of Inserm Unit 1027 Center for epidemiology and analyses in Public Health, and medical public health and research groups from 25 French regions.
This study includes three groups of preterm children, all were born before 35 weeks:
  • extremely preterm infants (born before the end of the 6th month of pregnancy, between 22 and 26 completed weeks of gestation)
  • very preterm infants (born before the end of the 7th month, between 27 and 31 completed weeks)
  • moderately preterm infants (born at the beginning of the 8th month, between 32 and 34 completed weeks).
These children are being studied from their birth up to the age of 12 years.
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