Epidemiology of childhood and adolescent cancers

The EPICEA team develops most of its research on environmental and genetic risk factors for childhood cancers.

  • Childhood cancer registration

  • Risk factors of childhood cancers

  • Platform of the National Registry of Childhood Cancer


  • Pr. Jacqueline Clavel
    Director of the team

  • Contact
    Evelyne PRZYBILSKI, administrative assistant – evelyne.przybilski@inserm.fr

Major projects


National Registry of Childhood Cancers

logo RNCE

The RNCE is a major tool
for surveillance and research.

There is no automatic data linkage
in France to identify and
document the cases.

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Platform of the National Registry of Childhood Cancer


This unique infrastructure, planned to be open to the scientific community, is dedicated to research on prognosis factors, treatment effectiveness and side effects in the real world, health of survivors and long-term effects of treatments, impact of interventions.

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Other links
logo iarc

Automated Childhood Cancer Information System

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EUROCARE, network of European cancer registries

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