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Date : 2024-07-05

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Université Paris Cité is preparing its next IdEx campaign for the period from January 1, 2025 to December 31, 2030. As you know, the IDEx Université Paris Cité enables the implementation of innovative and structuring programs in the fields of research, international development, training and student life, and knowledge transfer, financed by revenues from a specific endowment and deployed in collaboration with research organizations and partner institutions.

Formal applications, in the form of action sheets, will be submitted by the Deans of each faculty by September 13, 2024 at the latest. The results will be announced at the close of the university’s Board of Directors meeting on December 13, 2024. Please find attached the call for IdEx proposals from the university management.

As a first step, the Faculty of Health would like to mobilize its entire community to come up with ideas and proposals that could be financed with these IdEx funds.

By early July, all Faculty staff can informally send their suggestions to the dean’s team at

IdEx is not intended to finance recurring activities or one-off needs. Its aim is to enable structuring and transforming actions on an institutional scale, which are part of the university’s strategy and the deployment of its identity.

Planetary Health, the university’s signature since January 2024, is its main objective. Projects that take this into account should benefit from increased visibility during the IdEx campaign. For further details, please refer to the article published on the occasion of the UPCité Presidency’s commitment last January:

Finally, please bear in mind the selection criteria that will be used by the jury. Applications will be ranked according to :

  • Their relevance to the principles governing the use of IdEx funds (innovative, structuring, transforming or strategic character; added value; relevance of funding or renewal);
  • Their relevance to the university’s strategic objectives (clarity and appropriateness of the expected impact; relevance to the guidelines; relevance to the “Global Health” signature);
  • The relevance of the methods they propose (appropriateness of objectives and resources, appropriateness of the budget requested, appropriateness of the indicators proposed).

This framework will also govern the pre-selection of proposals within the Faculty of Health, and the ideas selected will be analyzed and worked on in working groups led by the dean’s team between now and the end of July.

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Annexe 2_Plan d’action IdEx 2022-2024

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